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As you can see from our Favorites pages, we welcome all kinds of stories, but we strongly prefer those with an edge: fiction that leaves us gasping for breath, stories with characters who are actors in their own lives, who experience consequences for what they do.

We honor and are grounded in the traditions of the short story, but realize that to live, those traditions need new interpretations, new vision, a thrust forward, a boot to the behind.

Here you�ll find stories from the next wave of literature; fiction on the edge of what is "acceptable," on the margins of personal trauma; fiction skirting the rim of sentimentality, that will leave readers with an ineffable something, a tickle on the edge of consciousness�a blast of beauty from writers showing us what�s coming, and what�s already here.

All we can ever do, really, is search for and find the writers whose work makes us say, "Wow." And we trust the writers to show us what the next Wow will be.

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