Please submit one work per file, in .doc, .rtf, or .txt format. You can submit up to five poems, each in a separate file, for consideration. Similarly, you can submit up to three Firebox fiction pieces (under 1500 words) in separate files, or one full-length story, 1500-4000 words.


We publish regular issues in electronic format and in a yearly print-on-demand anthology. We can't offer payment at this time, but we hope to be able to offer contributor copies of the print anthology, at least, depending on fate, circumstance, and the generosity of our friends. We are handsome, however, and we think that goes a long way.


We publish literary fiction and poetry. You can look through our archives for fiction samples. We're equally open to work in traditional and experimental forms.

Submission Form

Night Train is currently closed to submissions. Please check back soon.