Night Train (ISSN 1540-5494) was an online journal and print annual founded in the fall of 2002 in Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts.

We were a journal of, by and for writers; as such we took pride in never charging a fee, and we promised good customer service, open communication, quick responses, top notch editing and great stories and poetry for our readership. We published short fiction and poetry of the highest quality from new, emerging and established writers. We published new Firebox Fiction on this site weekly* (*sometimes it took us a bit more time than weekly--depended on how busy we were), and longer stories and poetry in our annual hard copy litmag. We were not inclined to a type, but we knew what we like and had enough of a track record from our first 10 years in existence so that a prospective submitter could deduce what's a good fit. We loved to be surprised.