Night Train (ISSN 1540-5494) is an online journal and print annual that debuted in the fall of 2002. Our web site includes the full text of print issues I-VI in PDF, and from Issue VII on, will publish full issues online on a quarterly basis. These online issues will be combined in a print annual format yearly and made available via print-on-demand technology. As well, the website will feature a single piece of Firebox Fiction (under 1500 words) on a weekly basis. These stories will not be collected in the print annual, however.

During our tenure as a traditional print journal, we received acclaim from sources as diverse as,,, Literary Magazine Review, the Boston Globe, the Boston Phoenix, the New York Times, The Writer, National Public Radio, the Million Writers Award, the Pushcart prize, and many other local and national outlets, on matters relating to our innovative Rail Stop Sponsorship program as well as our published fiction. We look forward to making an impact for years to come.


Night Train will create opportunities for established and emerging writers to have their work published in an attractive literary journal widely read by a discerning audience. While doing so, we will deliver outstanding customer service by taking the frustrations out of the submit-reply process, by keeping the lines of communication open and, once accepted, by working closely with our contributors, on a case-by-case basis, to get at the very best they have.

Masthead and Email:

Editor: Rusty Barnes
Fiction Editor: Alicia Gifford
Original Graphic and Logo Designer: Souxsie Campbell
Cover Photographer: Darlene DeVita
Web Guru: Kaolin Fire