Guide to Writing a Visual Analysis Essay on Van Gogh's Starry Night

A visual analysis essay has to do with a critical analysis of an artwork and its history. Writing an essay on Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh can be achieved if you pay attention to the guidelines here.

Prepare to Write Your Starry Night Analysis Essay

1. Understand the Art Work

To write a visual analysis essay, you must understand the artwork in different dimensions. This includes the visual representation of the work; the colors, shapes, and lines, as well as the artistic use of regular figures. For instance, the artwork is made on canvas with oil painting and may appear insignificant to one who knows nothing about art. Understanding the visual meaning of the artwork will help you write a visual analysis essay. You do not necessarily need to find the original work to understand the painting. There are many ways that you can get access to the work through the internet if you'd like.

2. Make Research for Your Essay on Starry Night Analysis

Writing a visual analysis essay the Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh goes beyond explaining the use of shapes and colors. It also means gathering important facts through thorough research. In what year was the painting done and in which city? What was Van Gogh's explanation for creating such a representation? How did it rise to importance, and for what reasons? Where is the original copy of the work located? These are some of the necessary questions that you must find answers to. These facts help you validate your analysis essay. Van Gogh's painting is one of the most significant paintings in the history of the arts. Hence, you can find Van Gogh Starry Night contextual analysis sample essay where you could pick out a point or two from.

3. Understand Different Views About the Work

Art in general can be interpreted in different ways. From the artist's point of view, it carries an intrinsic meaning that triggered the creation of the artwork. From the general audience with little or no idea about art, it represents something else. From a professional point of view, there is something deeper than the ordinary. In your visual analysis essay, Starry Night also means something to you. You must know how to infuse the different kinds of ways that people may see the artwork and appreciate it.

Writing Your Starry Night Essay

Now that you have gathered the necessary important facts about your essay, you must begin to write the actual essay. Like other kinds of essays that you may write, a Van Gogh Starry Night formal visual analysis essay would have to follow the steps below to get the best result.

1. Write an Introduction

Introduce the reader to what they will come across as they proceed. More often than not, the introduction would include a brief history of the work and the writer. Further, it would have the key points that the body of your work would address. More importantly, there would be a thesis statement that should be given due consideration.

2. Construct the Body of Your Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Essay

Keep in mind that you are not arguing a case. Rather, you are dishing out information and analyzing an artwork. Each paragraph should be unique, analyzing a different feature. For instance, paragraph one may talk about the use of colors, color choices and representation, etc. Paragraph two may analyze shapes, lines, and curves. At the end of your essay, you should have about three paragraphs doing justice to your essay.

3. Derive Your Conclusion

The conclusion rounds off a perfectly written visual analysis essay. You may give your opinions without trying to convince your reader to buy them. For instance, you shouldn't tell people Van's choice of the use of oil painting in his work is wrong. Also, it shouldn't be too long or boring, but rather brief and captivating


Writing a visual analysis essay on Starry Night shouldn't pose a problem to you if you have the right orientation. The points addressed in this article will help you write the best visual analysis essay.