Thursday, January 26, 2023

Night Train Ceases Publication

Yes, the rumors are true. It's been ten years of fun and games, and despite the lengthy respite I just took, I find my interest waning. I want to apologize first to the people whose work I accepted and did not publish. I didn't plan to quit originally, and so I held off on publishing your work. Any vilification I get for screwing you over is well deserved. I'd like to thank a few people whose contributions went above and beyond what I asked for and needed. First of all, my co-founder Rod Siino, whose business sense and initial fundraising made the magazine go,and who has remained steadfast in his advice and support over the years. And in alpha order, Zett Aguado, Steve Almond, Robert Boswell, Souxsie Campbell, Jai Clare, Darlene DeVita, Ed Falco, Alicia Gifford, Sue Henderson, DeWitt Henry, Tom Jackson, Pamela Painter, Cami Park and Heather Sullivan. Special thanks to Alicia Gifford, my fiction editor--and writer--extraordinaire, with us since (nearly?) the beginning. And thanks to all of our many associate editors, readers,subscribers and financial supporters without whom we could not have existed.

Archives will remain live in perpetuity,or until I run out of money to pay the server.

posted by Rusty

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