Tuesday, May 6, 2023

Email Troubles

If you've sent an email to [email protected] or [email protected] since February 28th which you didn't get a response to, please let me know. Your friendly and well-meaning, if ignorant, editor--cough--changed his outgoing mail server around that time, which apparently caused many return emails(157 of them, and strangely, some mail made it through correctly) to route through to a seldom-used gmail account, which the time-strapped and novel-busy editor just checked. . .now. So I apologize in general, and will apologize specifically, tomorrow.

I'm using Thunderbird as my mail client, and I have about six addresses coming in to that account, so if any editor-friendly and tech-savvy person could help me solve this, please comment or mail me at my personal address [email protected], which I'll use for editorial business until I figure this out. Thanks, and sorry.
posted by Rusty

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