Steve Almond, Booman
Grant Bailie, You Are One Click Away from Pictures of Naked Girls
Terri Brown-Davidson, The Dance Teacher
Daphne Buter, Now That I Am Sober
Kirsten Culbertson, The Last Word
M. Allen Cunningham, Windmills
Nadine Darling, He Lives in My Mouth
Kathy Fish, What Kind of Person Gives Secrets to the Sky?
Larry Fondation, Cut Lip
William Reese Hamilton, Mihai
Minter Krotzer, The Black El Camino
Ron MacLean, Last Seen, Hank's Grille
Richard Madelin, Adding Up and Taking Away
Rachel May, Owls
Cris Mazza, What If
Jim Nichols, The Plinktonians
Jon Papernick, My Darling Sweetheart Baby
Laura Payne Butler, Ruby Red
Bruce Holland Rogers, Home Front
Ray Vukcevich, Duck
Gemini Wahhaj, How to Break An Iraqi