Bob Arter, The Spaceman
Grant Bailie, Pinocchio Unbound
Stephan Clark, The Secret Meeting of the Secret Police
Kathryn Duhamel, The Freedom
Pia Z. Ehrhardt, The Pear Tree
Zdravka Evtimova, The Marble Roof
Steve Fayer, The Settlement
Robert Hellenga, Interview
DeWitt Henry, The Train Station
Roy Kesey, How It Happens That Our Senses Do Not Perceive Certain Bodies
Jeff Landon, Rock and Roll Air Force
John Leary, Why We Went to China
Alex Mindt, King of America
Pasha Malla, Transfer
Angie McCullagh, Saving Eliza
Darlin' Neal, Blue Star
Sasha Vivelo, A Deal With Buddy Prozac's Son
Rachel Wallack, From Kings Park With Pride
Thomas Williams, Movie Star Entrances
Timothy Ziegenhagen, Cool Porcelain