...from Stewart O'Nan's article in Boston Review, October 1999

First Annual Richard Yates Short Story
Award Competition Winners*:

1st Place ($400): Kerry Jones, "Rescue Effort"
2nd Place ($250): David Crouse, "Still Running"
3rd Place ($50): A.C. Koch, "How the Rain Caught Up With the Silkas�

*All of the above stories appeared in Night Train Issue II.

This Year's Finalists** are:

CB Anderson, �Season�
David Axe, �Seafood�
Thomas Bligh, �Cold Comfort�
John Chattin, �Thing You Have to Ask�
David Crouse, �Retreat�
Zahie El Kouri, �The Dancing�
Vicky Fish, �Perambulating the Bounds�
Diane Fleming, �The Man with the Red Dog�
Elaine Ford, �A Legion of Demons�
Renata Golden, �Blackheart�
Judd Hampton, �Corrosion�
Cheryl Klein, �Open For Construction�
Gerard Marconi, �Goddess of Love�
Scott McIntyre, �The Tin Man Needs Bass�
Andre Miftaraj, �Greektown�
David Peterson, �Daniel Tucker's Microburst�
Mary Corinne Powers, �What the Water Says�
John Radosta, �Only Ruins�
Daniel Seiler, �Burial�
Charles Shaw, �Non-Entities Bathed in Blue�
Audrey Vernick, �The Grass Next Door�
Timothy Weed, �There is No Gravity�
Nathan Whitlock, �Darling M�

(** Yes, we know, there are a total of 26. We couldn't leave any one of these off the list!)

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