We Want To Have Too Many Options

Do you have an idea how badly the editors of literary journals want the next submission they look at to be fantastic?  I wonder sometimes if the reader or, for that matter, the writer really understands the very real desire to find something magical in the submissions box. 

We aren’t in this game because we enjoy telling people no or because of power or any other silly idea like that.  At least those of us who really love amazing literature and have no agenda aren’t.  We are in this game to find beautiful stories and poetry and then share them with others who appreciate the same.

Night Train receives absolutely top-notch submissions, so that hope that the next one is going to be amazing is even greater.  What would be a perfect day for us at the office?  Well, having too many submissions that just absolutely stun us to even know how to handle them.  That would be an amazing day.  So, get to it, you all. 

~  Sheldon Lee Compton, Night Train Associate Editor

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