Now available. Night Train: The First Ten Years Anthology. Click the cover image to purchase.

Stories (in order of publication date):
John McManus "Face of the Moon"
Judd Hampton "Second Change"
Ed Falco "Professor's Son"
Tom McNeely "King Elvis"
Glenn Blake  "Shooting Stars"
Pam Painter  "Addictions and or Appetites"
Tom Cobb "Quantrill"
Kerry Jones "Rescue Effort"
Silas House " Total Immersion"
Mary Speece "Stone Dog"
A. Ray Norsworthy "Let it Shine"
Roy Kesey "How it Happens that Our Senses..."
Stephan Clark "Secret Meeting of the Secret Police"
Dewitt Henry  "Train Station"
Steve Almond  "Unfriendly Cashiers"
Robert Boswell "Long Words"
Dylan Landis "Fire"
Larry Fondation "Cut Lip"
Ron McLean "Last Seen, Hank's Grille"
Jon Papernick "My Darling Sweetheart Baby"
Laura Payne Butler  "Ruby Red"
Mary Helen Specht "In Search of a Bird"
Curtis Smith "Beneath the Net"
Bob Thurber "Significance of Sunlight"
Mary Kelly "Lesser Intentions"
Brian Howell "The Transfer"
Phong Nguyen "Pages From the Textbook of Alternate History"
Heather Fowler "A Good Laugh"
Roxane Gay "The Mark of Cain"
Andrew Scott "All That Water"
Steve Frederick "Dragon"
Sheryl Monks "Run Little Girl"
Jim Nichols "Yuri"
Olivia Kate Cerrone "The Place Where Names Hide"


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