Summer 2002 Fifty-Fifty Fiction Award Winners

1st Place ($250): Doug Crandell, "Man Learning Myth, Man Learning Foreplay"
2nd Place ($100): Karen Heuler, "Cookies"
3rd Place ($75): Bob Thurber, "Simple Decoration"
4th Place ($50): Nancy Ludmerer, "Eavesdropping"
5th Place ($25): Didi Wood, "Remedies"

All of the above stories will appear in Night Train Issue 2.

Summer 2002 Fifty-Fifty Fiction Award Finalists

Peggy Barnes, "I Come to the Garden Alone"
Ron Currie, "Not Drinking, Not Driving"
Diane Dees, "War Stories"
Stephen Gibson, "The End of Civilization"
Eugenia Gratto, "Siamese"
Karen Heuler, "Sisters"
Ruth Moon Kempher, "Dreams and Conversations with Madam X"
Ken Kottka, "The Blossom"
Beverly Lucey, "Mrs. Mitts"
Janet McGowan, "Skinned"
David Morrison, "Courtship 1979"
Jill Mountain, "Mourning Coffee"
Wendy Ortiz, "What Is"
Jim Ruland, "Previous Adventures of Popeye the Sailor"
Gary Schanbacher, "Miscalculations"
James Irwin Simpson, "Eduardo Tends The Garden"
Sybil Smith, "Swimming to Shore"
Steve Sund, "Drifting"
Bruce Taylor, "The Second Person"
Bob Thurber, "Entry Level"

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