Pulling it Out From Inside

by Brandi Wells

I open my front door and there's no outdoors, only a theater full of people, all screaming at the same time because a half-dressed girl has just been gutted. After screaming, they keep eating popcorn and drinking soda, because no one has been hurt and not much has changed. But there was one moment when everyone released their tension with a scream and that experience made me feel better about my boyfriend drunk-fucking his ex and my mother telling me my haircut made me look like a boy. I open and close the front door until the girl's intestines are wrapped around her head, tied neat in a bow, dripping sloppy down her face and neck.

Brandi Wells is a student at Georgia Southern University soon to graduate with a BA in Writing and Linguistics and a BA in English. Her fiction appears in or is forthcoming in Hobart, Monkeybicycle, Word Riot, The Saint Ann's Review, Dark Sky Magazine and other journals.