by Rauan Klassnik

At the book fair we sorted through five thousand copies of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. I crossed my cock: Down boy! Down boy! A one-eyed old woman held up a blouse and told us it was 600 pesos. "Look at the workmanship," I crooned to myself. By the time we were leaving she was down to a hundred. "I really need to sell this," she said. In the trees above us pigeons were mating. For hours I"d heard them cooing.

Rauan Klassnik lives in Mexico but not quite in the jungle. Time, time, time. His first book, Holy Land, was released April 2008 from Black Ocean. Two chapbooks are releasing in 2009. "Ringing" from Kitchen Press in and "Dreaming" from Scantily Clad Press. Rauan actively blogs at You can find his chapbook 'Ringing' at