How to Write any Essay in One Night: Total Guide

Finishing an essay in one night is every writer’s dream because prolonging it interrupts your schedule. Sometimes you find that you’re too close to the deadline and you have to submit the finished work. Other times, you may just want to get it over with even when you’re days away from the due date.

How to Write an Essay in One Night

There are different ways to go about how to write an essay in one night. Shorter essays may be easier to complete, but longer essays would require more strategies and time to successfully write them in one night.

How to Write a 4 Page Essay in One Night

Usually, the number of words contained in a single page is determined by factors like spacing and font size. If you’re double spacing, your four-page essay will be around one thousand words. Here are some tips on how to write a 1000 word essay in one night.

  • Start Early

Many people often say the earlier you start, the earlier you finish. To write your essay in one night, you should never forget to start earlier. This gives you enough time to get a lot of work done before you round off the night or get tired. To achieve this, you may need to adjust your schedule for the day. For instance, you should get dinner earlier and complete your chores on time.

  • Make Adequate Research on Your Topic

The research you do before you begin writing will help you hasten your writing process. The more you have to source information on the internet or in other books, the slower your writing pace. If it helps, gather the necessary information and read them before essay night.

  • Eliminate Distractions

There is no way you can complete your essay in one night if you have to keep battling distractions. Distractions come in different ways and they are relative to different people. While some people can work in a room bubbling with activities, some others can barely concentrate. If I were you and I needed to write an essay in one night, I’d round off conversations early, switch off mobile devices, and stop playing video games. The more you concentrate, the easier it is for you to finish your essay in one night.

  • Stock Food and Supplies

Food and water are extremely important if you want to complete an essay in one night. While you’re working, you may get thirsty or need a snack. This isn’t always a yardstick for you to lose concentration and focus on eating. Studies show that certain snacks like chocolates and mint help the brain work faster and better. Hence, before you decide to start writing, do a quick check to ensure you have gathered all of your supplies.

  • Break When Necessary

It is always tempting for people to be so zealous in completing their essays that they forget to take breaks. If you’re a slow writer, writing your essay could go on for more than just a couple of hours. Within this time, you may need to use the bathroom or just stretch your limbs. The best way to get anything done is by not overloading your brain and taking breaks at intervals. Every 30 minutes, do a quick walk around your space and then come back to settle down. This will help your brain stay refreshed and ready to give out the best information. It is also great for your health as it helps your heart pump more blood and avoid bad body posture.

  • Revise Your Essay on the Next Day

Now that you have completed your essay you must feel accomplished. However, do not forget that you have to edit and proofread your work to avoid errors. The best time to revise your work is in the morning after you have completely written it. This is because your brain is more active and you are not in a hurry to get things done. Once you complete your essay, retire for the night and prepare to go through what you have written in the morning.

How to Write a TOK Essay in One Night

Writing a TOK essay in one night is not entirely different from writing a regular essay. A TOK essay is a theory of knowledge essay and would require more research. Hence, you should spend some more time sourcing information before you settle down to write. Although a TOK essay would generally be a little over 1000 words, the tips here will help you start and finish in one night.


Writing a whole essay in one night is achievable if you employ the strategies in this article.