12 Jun 2023  

All Forumer servers are high performance dedicated machines with full support for PHP/ MS SQL based services.

Hardware: All branded components & hardware are used on the servers and are either Super Micro or Dell powered by Genuine Intel Pentium 4 Processors.

Security: Initially, the server is configured to be as secure as possible. Additionally, every attempt is made to ensure that the server remains secure by installing any vendor security fixes as soon as they are released.

Monitoring: The health of our server and the individual software components running on it (DNS Server, IIS, etc) is monitored every 30 minutes. When a problem is detected, technicians are emailed immediately and paged if the problem isn’t resolved within 8 minutes. Upon being notified, the technicians begin working immediately to fix the problem. This level of service is provided on a 24x7 basis, 365 days a year.

Backup: All of the forum db files are backed up on a regular basis.

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