Monday, June 25, 2023

New Firebox Fiction - "Coma" by Kyle Hemmings

This week's evocative offering is Coma by Kyle Hemmings. Let us know what you think. We like it when you do that.

posted by Cami
Wednesday, June 27, 2023 / 11:56:08
What a beautiful story -- it builds up intensity until the tension becomes unbearable and the wall between reality and dream/coma is almost breached, yet it retains its dreamy, lyrical quality throughout. I really admired that.
Thursday, June 28, 2023 / 15:57:20
I agree. Even though the title makes it obvious where she is, the author doesn't rely on that to steal you away. Instead, the words float you along in Lydia's stream of consciousness. I found myself wanting her to make it home, but even more ferociously, to open her eyes and see. Beautifully told.

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