Premier Issue    
  Maureen Aitken, Scavengers   Glenn Blake, Shooting Stars  
Karen Lee Boren, Honor   Cathleen Calbert, Blue Afternoon  


Jai Clare, The Lightest Blue   Thomas Cobb, Ball Hawks  
  Utahna Faith, Angels, Friends, Lovers   Edward Falco, The Professor´┐Żs Son  
  Rose Gowen, The Garage   Eugenia Gratto, To Go  
  Judd Hampton, Second Chance   Beverly Jackson, The Goddess  
  Hester Kaplan, Lovesick   Cynthia Kim, The Taste of Sand  
  Elliot Krieger, If Anybody Asks   Valerie MacEwan, Reunion Summer  
  John McManus, The Face of the Moon   Mary McCluskey, Him With His Fancy Ways  
  Thomas H. McNeely, King Elvis   Andre Miftaraj, B-Flat  
  Mary Corinne Powers, Grit   Pamela Painter, Addictions and/or Appetites  
  Maryanne Stahl, Cast   Paula J. Webb, Maracaibo  
  Richard K. Weems, Dogs   Didi Wood, Elliott Carter is a Dead Man  
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