Viet Dinh received his undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University and his MFA from the Unversity of Houston, where he served as fiction editor for Gulf Coast. More recently, he was an assistant professor at Southwest Minnesota State University, but at various points in the past he has worked as: bookseller, journalist, corporation slave, non-profit slave, translator, club DJ, and code monkey. At no point in the past did he serve as Assistant Attorney General for the Bush Administration or as a prostitute (if one can indeed make that distinction).

He currently lives in Denver with his partner, where he is peddling his collection of short stories, I (Heart) Disaster, and working on a novel. The combined weight of his books, DVDs and CDs threatens to throw the earth off its axis.

His stories appear or are forthcoming in Zoetrope: All-Story, Threepenny Review, Fence, Indiana Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Chicago Review, Black Warrior Review, Arts & Letters, Florida Review, Seattle Review, and the North Dakota Quarterlyamong others.