Andrew S. Bodine was born in Texas but left after two weeks. Nothing personal. Along with his parents and three siblings, he was home-schooled and raised like a gypsy in a thirty-two foot motorhome while his father did what boilermakers did in those days � followed the work. Mostly they lived in New Mexico near the Navajo reservation, where he became intimately acquainted with SPF50 and learned that you should always wash your hands after chopping serranos. Today he resides (with his wife, dog, and cat) in the Denver area, where you can tell direction by the mountains and the food doesn�t burn you; but honestly he misses the pain.

In 1999 Andrew earned a BA in anthropology. In 2003 he earned an MA in philosophy. He has always seen fiction and academics as complimentary � each a way to gain perspective on experience. He�s been writing since he was given his first typewriter sixteen years ago. His recent story, �Sirens of Mercy�, appeared in Rainbow Curve #6.